Coke Spoon #2


Coke Spoon #2
Tobias Wong & J.A.R.K.

Date of Design

196mm L

18K gold, bronze


In 2007 the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco accessions committee purchased Cokespoon #2 along with three other items (see note) from CITIZEN:Citizen. In 2008 these Four objects were on shown during 246 and Counting, a two-year timeline of pivotal objects in design that have not only shaped the world we live in but also the lens through which we experience it, curated by Henry Urbach, formally the owner of the NY based eponymous Architecture Gallery.

Cokespoon #2 is part of the INDULGENCE range designed through the collaboration of Tobias Wong and Ju$t another Rich kid (Ken Courtney) in 2005, who suggested “Like an addict, all I want is more. Like celebrity and celebrity culture, the demand for luxury items is completely created.” As an extension of our obsession with fame, celebrity, and commodities, they designed a line of luxury objects: INDULGENCES (for the man who has absolutely everything). INDULGENCES addressed the creation of and demand for the unnecessary, directly commenting on the ever-expanding market of luxury items in our culture, seven INDULGENCES were created

The objects chosen were the concrete doorstop cast from an Alvar Aalto Savoy vase which is unceremoniously smashed to release the form, entitled Doorstop designed by Tobias Wong. CITIZEN:Citizen produced 10 as a limited edition. Cokespoon #1 a solid bronze cast of the ubiquitous Bic pen cap which is then copper and gold plated designed by Tobias Wong and Just Another Rich Kid. Cokespoon #2 a solid bronze cast of the 1980’s McDonalds coffee stirrer which is then copper and then gold plated designed by Tobias Wong and Just Another Rich Kid. The rich history of this piece can be read about here. The fourth and last piece being Swizzlestick also designed by Tobias Wong and Just Another Rich Kid which comes from a solid bronze casting of a Playboy drinks stirrer which is copper and then gold plated.