Ballistic Rose


Ballistic Rose
Tobias Wong

Date of Design

125 mm D

Ballistic nylon


Part of the permanent collection of the MoMA New York, the now classic Ballistic Rose comes with a certificate of provenance and archival collectors box.

A classical decorative corsage, Tobias Wongs Ballistic Rose is a handmade ribbon rose constructed from a single strip of ballistic nylon. This floral hybrid protects your heart in an uncertain world. Wongs bloom is both a high-tech talisman for the tender-hearted and wry fashion statement.

As we search for protection and security in an uncertain world, How easily our sense of security is manipulated, certainty in our world has yet to exist, a certain world is an impossibility or an illusion, uncertainty is all that we have and yet, on a daily basis we’re told of the uncertainties and how we should worry and fear them, with each generation comes a new threat, a regurgitated narrative to instill fear, fear of foreigners, nuclear winters, President Woodrow Wilsons campaign to get public support for his country joining the first world war used notions of baby eating germans less than a hundred years after their own government had solicited the genocide of the American Indian nations.

Military Uniform fashion history is a long one, and the appropriation of uniform styles and even patterns is prominent in the descenting subculture and youth fashion. Not Least of which must be the wholesale adoption of DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) or camouflage, With the rose we see today’s current materials of Kevlar and technical ballistic fabrics enter This adoption and adaptation seems to be in part a way of normalizing the growth and ubiquity of such In a country with very little gun control Statistically the chance of being involved with a terrorist threat is slim, the chance of being shot is much higher, maybe we should be issued with ballistic garments.