After meeting at St. Martins in 1995 and a fruitful period of acting as sparring partners, Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard officially founded FredriksonStallard in 2005. Coming from the seemingly disparate worlds of crafts based ceramics and product design, they now share a common platform. Together they create a world populated by objects that possess a stark and wondrous beauty.

As we penetrate ever deeper into the digital age, we are leaving behind modernisms driving imperative – mass production by industrial means. The new age is a more fluid, more transient one, and it is in need of typologies that reflect these new parameters. Form and function have long ceased to be valid guidelines for designers working in a world overflowing with objects that do everything for us and yet are completely devoid of meaning. It is against this backdrop that FredriksonStallard’s work should be viewed.