Philip Wood


Philip Wood is the founder and creative director of CITIZEN:Citizen. He is a designer, business owner and curator. He trained in the traditions of English cabinet making and opened his first business at the age of twenty four which, over an eight year period, built up to 20 staff in two locations. Wood’s interests lay in translating traditional crafts through contemporary design. As well as designing, manufacturing and retailing furniture, he built up his own fashion retail business and lectured at universities in the UK.

His thoughts in and around craft, design, art and commerce have been developing ever since his move to America in early 2004. His interests in progressing ways of seeing and communication through objects developed into his latest venture CITIZEN:Citizen

CITIZEN:Citizen produces artist’s and designer’s work under license and distributes to fashion, contemporary design and museum stores. The limited edition work is further sold through art advisors, private clients and museums.

CITIZEN:Citizen curates and produces work that borrows from both the art and the design worlds, work that is exquisitely crafted and idea based. The pieces reflect an interest in how objects are valued, and how objects are vessels for ideas and reflections of cultural preoccupations. He has successfully brought to market a significant brand whilst authoring a new genre of work that doesn’t easily conform to existing markets.