Felt #2


Felt #2

Date of Design

2440 mm L, 1520 mm W

Pure wool felt, rubber backing


FredriksonStallard are known for their challenging work, one that combines fine materials with exquisite execution. Their work is a constant process of re-interpretation—of objects, ideas and ways of seeing. Their pieces ask us to take a deeper look, beyond the beauty to the idea and the Felt series is exemplary of this intention. The Rorschach inkblot test was developed to be a test of “perception and apperception” rather than imagination. “The abstract nature of ink blots makes them as much a test of the analyst’s response to the patient’s interpretation, as the response of the patient to the ink blot,” suggest FredriksonStallard. “Drawing its inspirations from early psychoanalysis, these rugs act as a stimulus to explore parts of us that are normally left unvisited.” Felt#1/#2 self-consciously elude literal outcomes and convey the complexity of a world without comforting idealisms with which to become aligned.