Ethan Imboden


Jimmyjane is a design-oriented lifestyle and accessories brand that makes everyday a little bit sexier by emphasizing the provocative potential in each person and their lifestyle.
Combining sophisticated design, quality, and a healthy dose of wit, Jimmyjane creates luxurious products that range from a limited edition 24K gold-plated vibrator to a threesome of interrelated fragrances designed to intrigue and seduce. By upgrading and diversifying this neglected category, Jimmyjane radically changes the context in which these products are conceived, purchased and experienced.

Ethan Imboden, Founder, CEO, and Creative Director, offers a rare combination of technical savvy, aesthetic sensitivity, and business acumen. Imboden has had more than 7 years of product development experience with some of the world’s top design firms. Under the auspices of the Arnell Group, Ecco Design, Frog Design, Alchemy Labs and Plink, Imboden has designed for such diverse clients as Herman Miller, Nike, Ford, and Motorola. His talents have not gone unnoticed – Imboden has received 8 ID, IDSA, AIGA, and Good Design awards in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of design. Imboden earned his BSEE from Johns Hopkins University and his Masters in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute.