Tobias Wong

Date of Design

159 mm L

Zinc, chrome


The original 2002 Tobias Wong Boxcutter, produced by CITIZEN:Citizen arrives, in its own display box ready to illuminate other notions of possibility.

Be it for daily use in your office, home or studio, or on display in its archival box, Boxcutter is sure to be a conversation starter and constant reminder of how we’re not to take things for granted, for they are not always as they seem. At once menacing and uplifting Boxcutter, by Tobias Wong, with its missive “Another Notion of Possibility” laser etched into the solid nickel cast and chrome plated body, questions form follows function and asks what function is there here.

This Boxcutter, with its long history as a craft object and utility tool firmly placed in the psyche of our culture, is emblazoned with a phrase, “Another Notion of Possibility”. The phrase is borrowed from Maurizio Nannucci whose keen interest in language finds expression in Neon signs with such statements as “All Art Has Been Contemporary”. Here, it is appropriated by Tobias Wong from “Another Notion of Possibility” (1998) by Nannucci who defaced a black billiard ball with the statement. Wong’s re-appropriation is wickedly pointed towards the tragic morning of September 11th, 2001 where hijackers on the flights used boxcutters to take over the planes. And yet, the underlying truth to this statement and observation brings us back to question our reliance on the given, the norm and accepted view of how things are.