Ming Vase

Ming Vase FredriksonStallard Date of Design 2004 Size 406mm D Material Porcelain, PVC Edition 500 The Ming Vase, made from refined white porcelain and encapsulated in a gloss PVC, offers us a new way of seeing a traditional form. Individually handmade studio porcelain is reinterpreted […]

Brush #2

Brush #1 FredriksonStallard Date of Design 2003 Size 200 mm L, 139 mm W, 38 mm H Material Oak, horsehair Edition Unlimited Crucifix shaped clothes brush, to have by the door to brush away your sins before going out into the world. FredriksonStallard show us […]

CC Matches

CC Matches Tobias Wong Date of Design 2006 Size 40 mm L, 48 mm W Material Cardboard, phosphorous Color Black & White Edition 2500 The subversion of the CC logo, by Tobias Wong for CITIZEN:Citizen. This limited edition matchbook offers commentary on branded goods and […]

Ballistic Rose

Ballistic Rose Tobias Wong Part of the permanent collection of the MoMA New York, the now classic Ballistic Rose comes with certificate of provenance and archival collectors box. Date of Design 2004 Size 125 mm D Material Ballistic nylon Edition Unlimited A classical decorative corsage, […]

Little Gold “Fu*k Design”

Little Gold “Fu*k Design” Jimmyjane Date of Design 2006 Size 133 mm L, 18 mm D Material 24K gold, stainless steel Edition 500 Sleek, silent and waterproof, it’s decadence distilled. Take it in the pool, chill it in the fridge – or ride your bike […]

Table #1

Table #1 FredriksonStallard Date of Design 2002 Size 890mm D, 300mm H Material Silver Birch, blued steel Edition Unlimited In Table #1, industrial strapped rough hewn birch is meticulously flattened and finished. The tension between the materials and their qualities provoke a dialogue about the […]


Uplight FredriksonStallard Date of Design 2003 Size 140mm L, 204mm W, 100 H Material Porcelain Edition Unlimited A bold step away from classic ceramic design can be found in UPLIGHT and DOWNLIGHT of the porcelain lighting series. It uses a traditional technique that exploits the […]

Coke Spoon #2

Coke Spoon #2 Tobias Wong & J.A.R.K. Date of Design 2005 Size Material 18K gold, bronze Edition Unlimited In 2007 the Museum of modern Art in San Francisco accessions committee purchased Cokespoon #2 along with three other items (see note) from CITIZEN:Citizen. In 2008 these Four […]

Coke Spoon #1

Coke Spoon #1 Tobias Wong & J.A.R.K. Jewelry and art collectable imbued with cultural commentary, Cokespoon #1 is a bronze casting of the ubiquitous pen cap dipped in gold. Holding a mesmeric power this item is within the permanent collections of museums across the world, […]


Doorstop Tobias Wong Each one of the edition of twelve is cast from a Savoy vase, which then has to be unashamedly smashed in order to yield the form. Tobias is a master of customization and reinvention, and has made his mark by improving existing […]